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The Gold standard in Construction and Home Renovations

When it comes to home renovations The Vinci is your best bet. We specialize in all types of construction projects, from big to small. Our years of hands on experience as company of Realtors and contractors has given us a unique and invaluable insight into this discipline. No one has seen and been through more houses then us, and because of that, we know exactly what is the best solution for your project. Saving you time and money and a lot of head aches.




We Are Certified Experts

We are certified and experts in Renovation and Construction Business. We guarantee we will always provide you with professional and quality service. We respect your property and time and strive to establish a long-term relationship with our customers. We take the time to understand your project, do a site assessment and deliver on a high-quality service with your project. Contact us today and schedule your free-in-house estimate.


  • Choose your contractor: You want one with a history of success, one that shows it cares about its reputation and its image in the marketplace – not just any contractor will do. First foremost we take several meetings with the client to go over their particular vision for the project. We do this not just for ourselves but the client also, because the client may have a general vision, but things start to change when the details start to roll out.
  • Many key decisions need to be made ahead of time in order for the optimum success of the project. Only when both of us are on the exact same page, only then do we begin the project.


  • Once the consultations are complete, we then show up on site to conduct a detail analysis of the property and specific areas. Our objective is to make sure there aren’t any major obstacles that would hinder the original plan.
  • Once we make sure that there are no serious road blocks such as water leakages, our termite damage, then we begin. It is very important to examine the situation holistically and thoroughly , because if you miss something , that could potentially jeopardize or skew the intention of the project and possibly ad additional unnecessary costs. Make your plan, figure out what makes you and your family happy,also ask you.


  • Construction: this is the part where you start to see your dream home come to life. It can be stressful but this can be a rewarding learning experience if your contractor is willing to keep lines of communication open and welcome your interest in the progress of the project. Inspection and Handover: Bring in the white glove!
  • After everything is complete you now get a chance to perfect the small things – to your hearts content – the small changes that your caring eyes will notice will be fixed and you will arrive at finish – triumphant!


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The Vinci Design & Build

If you have any renovation or construction work need, feel free to contact us or request a free quote.

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